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30 minute Band Only Legs Workout

Check out this 30 minute Band Only Legs workout that works on both strength and conditioning of your quads, glutes and hamstrings using only your Heckin Fit resistance band.

This workout consists of 4 exercises that you can perform for one minute then move onto the next exercise and every 5th minute you rest. You then complete this circuit for 6 rounds.

This workout uses only your Heckin Fit resistance band to work on your strength but also because of the length of time this workout will take, you will work on your conditioning and endurance too.

The resistance band workout is:

6 Rounds of:

Minute 1 - Banded Squats

Minute 2 - Banded Glute Bridges

Minute 3 - Alternating Kickbacks

Minute 4 - Banded Alternating Lunges

Minute 5 - Rest

Don't forget to note down how many reps you have completed in each round so that you can compare your score in the future.

Not sure on how to complete these exercises? Check out our movement instructions and videos below.

How to do a Banded Squat

  1. Stand with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart with your resistance band just above your knees. Your toes should be pointed slightly outward with your hands on your hips or in front of you.

  2. Push your hips back into a sitting position while bending your knees.

  3. Continue to lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle. Then push back up into the starting position.

How to do a Banded Glute Bridge

  1. Lie down on the floor, with you back straight against the ground and your knees at right angles.

  2. Place the resistance band around both thighs, so it rests just above your knees.

  3. Keep your arms at your side, press your knees out against the bands, and raise your hips towards the ceiling.

  4. Squeeze your muscles tight, and release.

How to do Alternating Kickbacks

  1. Using your resistance band around your thighs, sit down on the floor, leaning on your left arm. Bring your bent legs to your right side, with your legs together.

  2. Sit up, going into a kneeling position while still supporting yourself with your left arm. Simultaneously, open your legs as far as you can go, really engaging those glutes.

  3. In a controlled motion, sit back down to the starting position.

  4. Complete 1 rep per leg then perform on the other leg.

How to perform Banded Alternating Lunges

  1. Place your resistance band around your low to mid thighs

  2. Take a giant step forward and lower yourself down until your back knee almost (but not quite) touches the ground

  3. Drive through your front heel and thigh to press yourself back up to a standing position

  4. Alternate your lunges too

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