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Amazing Resistance Band Core Workout

The Heckin Fit bands aren’t just for legs and butt (although they really are excellent at building strength and muscle in these areas). You can also do an amazing resistance band core workout with them too!

With this resistance band core workout, you’ll put the heat on all those muscles in your core. That means your abs and all those stabilising muscles in and around your trunk will really feel the burn.

These resistance band core exercises take familiar exercises and ups the resistance with your hand Heckin Fit band. This versatile piece of kit is the ideal way to change up your routine and increase the intensity on your workouts.

Whether you’re in the gym or at home, make the most of this handy piece of kit and do an amazing resistance band core workout. Because a small looped resistance band is so easy to carry in your gym bag, store away at home or even bring on holiday with you (for all you dedicated fitness fiends out there) you can perform this workout anywhere.

So, stop this sit ups, grab your Heckin Fit band and check out this amazing resistance band core workout.

Resistance band core workout:

Four rounds of:

12 x Banded mountain climbers

10 x Upside-down table toe taps

12 x Bear toe taps

10 x Lying side crunches

With this resistance band core workout, you’ll probably recognise some of the movements (like the mountain climbers for example!) and you might not know some of the others. If you don’t, don’t sweat it, we’ve outlined all of these resistance band core exercises below in our step-by-step description.

With this workout, we’ve suggested four rounds, but if you think it’s feeling quite hard, then just simply cut down the number of reps or rounds so you can perform each rep well and with good form. No slouching on technique on this one!

On the other hand, if you think its easy, first of all, wow! Second, add some more reps or rounds! Make sure this resistance band core workout is still challenging so you’re getting a really good burn going.

Now, let’s take a look at the resistance band core exercises.

Resistance band core exercises:

Banded Mountain Climbers

  • Start on a high plank position, on your toes and hands on the floor with your hands directly below your shoulders and the band around your feet

  • Without rocking forward, keeping your body strong and still, bring one foot off the floor and your knee towards your chest

  • Go as far as you can (it should be harder than normal with the band!) without raising your butt, then return your foot back down to the floor

  • This is one rep, lift the other foot to start your second rep

Upside-Down Table Top Toe Taps

  • Lie on your back with the band just above your knees

  • Lift your knees up so your upper leg is at a right angle to the floor

  • From here, tap one of your toes down to the floor, whilst maintaining that right angle with the other leg. With this one it’s key you don’t move the other leg, as this is what creates the resistance to increase that ab burn!

  • Return your leg back up so both your knees are together. Tap the other toe to start the next rep.

Bear Toe Taps

  • Begin in on your toes and hands with the resistance band just above your ankles

  • Your legs should be bent slightly and your feet just far enough apart to feel some tension on the band (feel like a bear yet?)

  • From here, keep your upper body as still as possible, and tap one foot outwards to the side, keeping the other firmly on the floor

  • It’s key here that you keep the other foot still and strong, as you’ll feel the resistance by pulling the band against it

  • Bring the foot back to the start position. That’s one rep done! Start the next by tapping the other foot out.

Lying Side Crunches

  • Place the Heckin Fit band over the arches of your feet

  • Lie on your side, propping yourself up with the arm closest to the floor and your other hand behind your head so your elbow is high

  • With your top leg, bring your knee up and crunch your torso down so your elbow and knee meet in the middle

  • Return your knee back down to the other leg. Complete half the reps on this side, then turn onto your other side to complete the other half

Why not give this resistance band core workout a go, and see how you get on! We think you’ll absolutely love them, and it’s always fun to mix up your routine and try something that’s not leg and butt related.

If you’re in need of an amazing resistance band that will take you through the workout, then the Heckin Fit band is ideal for a resistance band core workout. The Pink Lemonade band offers the ideal resistance, that’s strong enough to get those muscles working, but won’t be too hard to move.

With premium material, non-slip technology and the optimum resistance, it’s the ideal partner to your resistance band core workout. Don’t just take our word for it! Try it out for yourself right here.

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