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Why Glutes are the Best Leg Muscles to Build ๐Ÿ‘

The Glutes aka the Gluteus Maximus are one of the most important muscles in the legs. As you build them in the gym you can quickly see visible gains with the glutes.

Also, if you are one of those people who has trouble cutting fat on the glutes, getting them to show up in body-shots will be no problem.

The Gluteus Maximus is a hip extensor that works with probably every single leg movement. Any time there's a compound lower body exercise, or when you're walking or running, your glute muscles are working.

Why are glutes the best leg muscles to build?

They stretch and contract rapidly making them stronger and more explosive. The muscles of the leg are big, heavy and long. Glutes provide for a great foundation.

When you're doing squats or deadlifts, your glutes are working to keep the hips up high enough that you don't fall over backwards. As most of you know, if they are not firing properly it's really hard to get the desired results from those exercises. They also help your knees stay healthy by supporting them properly during these compound movements.

If you look at how much work the glutes do for you throughout each day, it is probably 50 percent or more of what is happening in your body right now as you read this article!

The gluteus maximus muscle is the largest of three gluteal muscles and is considered to be the most powerful muscle in the human body due to its size and the crucial role it plays in just about all athletic movements. Unfortunately, many people have underdeveloped glutes which can lead to decreased power output during sports as well as knee problems (Bad things happen when you aren't strong enough to support yourself). This means that developing this vital muscle group needs consistent effort both during training sessions as well as outside of them by performing some extra work on days where you don't hit the glutes specifically.

Want to build godess-like glutes?

Here are some tips to help you out with getting the best glutes possible:

1) Triggering Hypertrophy : One of the most important factors for building muscle size is "making sure hypertrophy stimulation occurs". Hyper means "More" and trophic refers to nutrition so basically more food equals more growing = bigger muscles! Since this is the case, one of the best ways to kickstart glute growth is by feeding yourself more.

2) Movement Intesity: The next important factor for building muscle size is "intensity." This can be done in 2 ways - first by just upping the weight you're using, and secondly by making sure you're actually working hard on each rep . To do this, pick a weight that's just high enough where your muscles are fully exhausted at the end of each set. Not only should you feel spent after each workout, but also barely able to walk out of there! Perhaps even go as far as to foam roll or ice bath if you have time.

3) Max Glutes Isolation Exercises : There are plenty of lower body exercises that work all the muscles in the leg but there are also plenty that isolate the glute specifically which can help you build them up even more. Some of my favorite glute isolating exercises that we recommend are with the band, cable machine, and with ankle weights.

Building your glutes is really easy with basic movements using a booty band as there are many glute based exercises you can use to build strength using a booty band.

Two Best Glute Exercises

One of our favorite moves for glute isolation is a clamshell exercise with the band. This move builds amazing strength in your hips and not only helps to build a bigger more beautiful derriere, but it heals up an injury you might have on your knee at the same time.

If you want a simple workout that will strengthen your glutes, then this is one of the most effective exercises that you can do. This exercise really targets and strengthens your butt without necessarily targeting other leg muscles. In order to get even more out of this exercise though, make sure to pair it together with some additional resistance training such as squats or lunges for better results.

Band Hip Thrusts - With your shoulders on a bench or on the ground and feet shoulder width apart explode upwards by pressing through the heels and squeezing for a second at top. Alternate: Band Bridges (or regular bridges if you don't have bands)

There are plenty of other movements that build your glutes including lunges, squats, bridges, deadlifts etc., but if you are looking for a quick exercise to help strengthen your backside then consider these two.

Not only will your base strength for your glutes improve but your toning and definition will too.

So why not try these glute exercises and build that booty! ๐Ÿ‘

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