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At Heckin Fit we love hearing what you have to say about our resistance bands and fitness accessories. Take a look at what our happy customers have had to say about Heckin Fit in their reviews below. Click the image to jump to the full review of Heckin Fit Resistance Bands.

Bobby Leeds

Bobby, Leeds

I found the Heckin Fit band after finding a bunch of great reviews about it online. I’d seen other people say they really liked it and thought it was good quality so I thought I’d give it a try. When it arrived it came in a cute protective case and three free workouts to try too. Now, I absolutely love it. I use it for warm-ups before a squat training session, or as a whole butt workout and it’s amazing. Can’t recommend it enough!

In terms of quality, I think it’s great. It’s much better than other rubber ones I’ve used in the past,  they get pretty painful at times when they roll up. This Heckin Fit band has never rolled up for me and I’ve used it loads and the quality is still great. It’s definitely worth investing in. 

Emma Yorkshire

Emma, Yorkshire

Looks Great and feels amazing in a workout too! I love the Heckin Fit band! It’s definitely worth spending a little more money on this band because it’s so much better quality than other bands out there! I used rubber bands before and they would roll up and be super uncomfortable, but this band is much better. I use the Heckin Fit band in the gym and at home too, depending on how I feel and it works great for both!

Katie Staffordshire

Katie, Staffordshire

I’ve started using the Heckin Fit booty band for home workouts since we’ve been in lockdown and it’s been a god send. I’m not the fittest, but using the free workouts and this band have really helped me get stronger. I read that alot of fabric bands can be hard to use for beginners, but I found this was hard, but not too hard. I’ve been using it for four months now and it’s great, I just increase the number of reps I do when I feel it getting easier and it helps to keep me getting stronger and the stretch in it hasn’t gone either - it’s still got all the resistance it did when I bought it.


I feel much stronger and I can really notice the difference in my legs and butt since I’ve started using it regularly, even though I’m just working out from home.

Alice Londn
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Alice, London

I’ve used loaaaaads of resistance bands in my time (always chasing those booty gains!) and after my last one got frayed and lost it’s resistance, I thought I’d put in a little more time to find a better quality option. I read up about Heckin Fit from other people’s reviews online and thought it must be worth the investment - and I was right!


Compared to other bands you can noticeably feel the difference with the Heckin Fit resistance band. The double strip of elastic and the fabric design are great and I’ve never felt it slip in a workout - that’s always been a big problem for me with other bands. 


I honestly bring it with me for every workout. Like I use it for squats, squats warm-ups, hip thrusts, donkey kicks and it’s still in great condition now. I’d definitely give it a go if if you’re thinking of buying. No regrets here!

Peter Bristol
heckin fit bands review

Peter, Bristol

My girlfriend bought one for Christmas and I've used a few times and then bought one for myself! Its the perfect resistance for me to warm up for my squats and to work through my glute issues in the gym. 

The grippy stuff on the inside of the band is actually perfect, bought some more expensive bands last year which didn't have the grip and kept slipping so this is spot on. 

Don't mind too much that its pink either. 

Mary London

Mary, London

I’ve never really been that confident in going to the gym, so I wanted to find something cheap but good for home workouts. Then we got put in lockdown and that’s all I could do anyway haha! So I read up on loads of reviews online and found the Heckin Fit band. I ordered it because I read from other people that it was really good quality. 


I’ve been using it now for a few months and I use it three times a week, so for the price I’m getting loads for my money. I don’t think I’ve ever felt muscle pain in my bum like that before! Haha. It’s definitely really good quality - it hasn’t stretched at all. It’s a great resistance for me and I feel much more confident and stronger since using it. Thanks Heckin Fit!

Ash, Yorkshire
Ash Heckin Fit Testimonial.jpeg

Ash, Yorkshire

I like to run, cycle and CrossFit and I needed a booty band to help warm up my legs and glutes for squats and workouts. This band was recommended to me by a friend and I love it! 

It's the perfect level of resistance for me and helps me warm up my legs, glutes, knees and quads before a big workout, run or cycle. 

That and I've used the band for workouts on their own too, really trying to work on my glute strength at the moment and this is perfect for it.